What’s AIR-4-CE ?

AIR4CE is a stunt kite demo team that is exclusively flying quad line kites (hence the 4 in the name).

It is the only team of this kind in the Netherlands and consists of Marc van der Graaf,  Alard van den Bos, Remco de Beijer ,Mark Maier and Kristof van Ginhoven.

Marc van der Graaf  won the title of the Dutch Champion multi line stunt
kites two consecutive years.  AIR4CE members are taking part in
demonstrations at kite-festivals and other events all across Europe.

Quad line stunt kites exist since the late 1980’s but they still are a rare species of kites.
Controlled by four lines they can perform manoeuvres that no other type of kite can do:
Quad line kites can fly forwards, sidewards and in reverse. They can hover motionless in
any position, e.g. upright, upside down or facing to the side. Perhaps the most
astonishing feature of quad line kites is that they can do a stop from full speed
anywhere in mid-air. They can be flown with very high precision, i.e. within centimetres
from the ground or obstacles, or from other kites.

In team flying the above aeronautical capabilities of quad line flight are used extensively. This allows coordinated moves that are unlike any other team flying in the kite world, and absolutely amazing to watch. Not only can the kites fly extremely close to each other but their ability to stop and pivot in mid-air, and the full control of the kite’s speed at any time allow unequalled precision in flight.

The AIR4CE team provides demonstrations of kite routines, ballets and improvisations with between one and up to five kites at the same time. Routines and ballets are flown to music. In our demonstrations the audience can experience the full potential of quad line kites, with the most radical moves found in the kite world.

Depending on the wind conditions, AIR4CE use various designs of ‘Revolution’ type quad line kites. Those kites can fly from 1 Bft to up to 6 Bft, some specially designed versions even go up to 8 Bft.