Portsmouth Kitefestival

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Only due to the new Dutch Quadline Champion’s negotiation-skills Air4ce arrived at all. Delayed by a full day but avoiding the horrendous extra cost the airline tried to charge us for their mistakes – thanks Stephen! The sun was about to set when we finally arrived at the site of the festival. The kite flyers’ tent was easy to find and thankfully we enjoyed the warm welcome by all the friends, the fantastic chilli and salad buffet – and the silver sprinkling distributed by Carl R…

Sunday’s morning practice didn’t start before we had had an extended chat with Baz about his great handles and stakes, of which a few changed their owner. The following practice session showed its effect during our first demo routine, which went as smoothly as never before – this was going to be a great day! Glad to meet so many other quad line teams – on the field there were the Decorators, Fusion, the Flying Squad and the Scratch Bunnies. The demos were most impressive, in particular the new routine by the the Robertshaw team which was different to anything we had seen before, combining great flying skills and a completely new artistic concept.

The megateams with up to 25 Rev kites were absolutely great but the highlight of the weekend was the 16-kite megateam on Monday , for the first time we flew a new move which was named the Dutch Windmill (easy to remember 🙂 and we performed a real firework with multiple exploding balls! Good performances, lots of fun and thanks to all the great flyers we’ve met!