Berlin Tempelhof/Potsdam Volkspark

22 September Air-4-Ce was invited to visit the Festival der Riesendrachen at the former Tempelhof Airport in Berlin (Germany).

Saturday morning the wind had picked up to a stormy breeze. We had winds up to 7 Bft.  We broke spars and lines but it didn’t stop us flying lots of demonstrations.

The Airbrake Stephen came up with did it’s work and slowed the kites down. Organisation and the 40.000 man public were really enthusiastic. It was a fantastic experience to fly in the middle of the second biggest city in Europe and see all the memorable historic places around you.

The day ended with a nice Evening flight…kites were highlighted by big moving spotlights.

Hopefully next year again, maybe for the whole weekend ??

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Sunday 23 September we took the opportunity to visit the Drachenfestival at The Volkspark in Potsdam, a small but fantastic festival in a beautifull Park with architecture and nice landscaping. We were happy to meet our German friends from Team4Fun again !.

The weather changed drastically..Low to no hard work. We flew some demonstrations..sadly enough no megateam due to lack of wind/line twists ;-).

At the end a very nice weekend, lots of travelling..but it was another great experience !